Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse (2014)

Archaeology Professor Neil Martin hasn't done field work in fifteen years, ever since his divorce and needing to take care of his son, Colin. Now twenty, Colin convinces his father to accept an assignment offered by Kathryn Keen of Poly Dynamics, a research company that tries to find solutions to global issues. That assignment, which continues the work of a now deceased Professor Robert Bowles, looks into an unusual find in a lead mine in Peru. After traveling to the site with Colin and Kathryn, Neil believes the find, a tablet with some astrological glyphs, including one of Planet X - the ninth planet - is part of a key to some recent natural and destructive phenomenon, including a couple of meteor storms, one which killed Dr. Bowles and one which almost killed Colin. They also uncover a seemingly radioactive stone buried behind the tablet. He believes the stone and the tablet are only parts of the puzzle to the reason behind the destructive natural phenomenon, twelve which will ...
Genres:  ActionSci-Fi
Actors:  Joel GretschAaron DouglasReilly Dolman
Directors:  W.D. Hogan
Countries:  Canada
Writers:  David Sanderson
Runtime: 1h 29min
Release: 16 August 2014
IMDb: 3.2

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