Birds of Prey Season 1

Now Gotham's Undercover Superhero Batman has disappeared leaving behind a daughter from his long-time love Catwoman. Her name is Helena the mysterious superhero known as "The Huntress". She has teamed up with the paralyzed hero "Batgirl" together they meet up with their next teammate Dinah Lance. Dinah is a telepath and psychic who had terrifying dreams about Batgirl's brutal accident. They must learn how to work together and become not only a team of superheroes but also a family.
Genres:  ActionAdventureDramaFantasySci-Fi
Actors:  Ashley ScottDina MeyerRachel Skarsten
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Laeta Kalogridis
Runtime: 1h
Release: 9 October 2002
IMDb: 6.6

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