Shake It Up Season 3

The adventures of best friends CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue who, with the help of Rocky's brother Ty and his best friend Deuce Martinez, fulfill their dreams of becoming professional dancers when they land roles as dancers on a local show, "Shake It Up, Chicago!". CeCe and Rocky deal with their circumstances, by adapting and maintaining their social status at school while watching CeCe's little brother, Flynn, and the antics of their TV show which includes matching the skills of their competition, notably brother and sister, Gunther and Tinka. The show also has storylines which include Rocky's brother, who also has dance and rapping skills.
Genres:  ComedyFamily
Actors:  Bella ThorneZendayaDavis Cleveland
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Chris Thompson
Runtime: 30min
Release: 7 November 2010
IMDb: 4.9

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