Steven Universe Season 4

This series is set in the fictional Beach City, where ageless alien warriors, the Crystal Gems, live in an ancient beachside temple, protecting the world from evil. They project female humanoid forms from magical gemstones that are the core of their being. The Crystal Gems are Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven, a young half-human, half-Gem boy who inherited his gemstone from his mother, the Gems' former leader Rose Quartz. As Steven tries to figure out his powers, he spends his days with his human father Greg, his friend Connie, other people in Beach City, or the other Gems, whether to help them save the world or just to hang out. He explores the abilities passed down to him by his mother, which include fusion (the ability of Gems to merge their identities and bodies to form a new and more powerful personality).
Genres:  AnimationActionAdventureComedyFamilyFantasyMusicalSci-Fi
Actors:  Zach CallisonDeedee MagnoMichaela Dietz
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Rebecca Sugar
Runtime: 11min
Release: 27 July 2013
IMDb: 8.3

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