Tokyo Vampire Hotel Season 1

Manami goes out to celebrate her 22nd birthday with friends and narrowly misses being killed in a spree murder. But her plight is far from over. Two vampires, K, from the Dracula clan and Yamada from the Corvin clan are after her. Manami has no idea but she's been chosen to deliver the Draculas from doom. K absconds with Manami but then Yamada seizes and imprisons her at the Corvin vampires' Hotel Requiem, aka Tokyo Vampire Hotel. The Corvins have a terrifying scheme to lure young male and female mortals to the hotel on the last day of the world. The mortals will have no choice but to remain in the hotel that doubles as an indestructible shelter. The vampires' motive is to use the mortals as an endless supply of blood. Will Manami escape? What is K's secret mission? There will be 3 confrontations between the mortals, the Draculas and the Corvins! ©2017NIKKATSU
Genres:  DramaHorror
Actors:  Ami TomiteYumi AdachiAmi Fukuda
Countries:  Japan
Runtime: 2h 22min
Release: 16 June 2017
IMDb: 6.4

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